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Cửa hàng cao atiso Đà Lạt tại Đà Nẵng

High store soft artichoke Da Lat in Da Nang

(High prestige original artichoke soft)

You need to buy High soft artichoke in Da Lat to come to Van shop. Selling places of high quality, especially from Da Lat.High store soft artichoke Da Lat in Da Nang

The blossoming of high-soft artichokes

– Address: 228/8 Nguyen Hoang, Da Nang City
– Phone: 0903 57 53 56 (mother Van)
– Price: please call
Trade Promotion:
– Buy 8 packs for 1 package
– Delivery in Da Nang city
– Delivery nationwide within 24 hours

Tips before buying

Currently, the market appears many items of high quality fake artichoke, counterfeit goods, poor quality, seriously affecting the health of users, We recommend that you be careful when buying products. health products by:

– Buy goods at reputable locations
– Don’t be cheap, buy poor quality products
– Purchase should carefully check the label, expiry date
– Buy at the official branches of the product ..

Cao atiso đà lạt tai đà nẵng

How to recognize high quality artichoke

– Aroma
Pure Sapa artichoke, rich with bitter taste, gentle and aromatic herbs. The higher the artichoke is, the more fragrant the smell is. Opening the lid of high artichoke, using a nose to smell it will smell a strong fragrance, the aroma of the new herb is good.
– Density
High liquid and dilute are signs of high lack of concentration. High and firm and glue.
Hot summer sun is easy to use scoop, winter is cold or when it is cool, it will be more difficult to draw. When leaving the stone compartment, the artichoke will freeze, it is easy to cut the knife into small pieces.
– Don’t be offended
High good has very little residue. Because the process of processing high artichoke is closed, has a filtration system carefully. When mixed with warm water, dissolve and almost no residue.
– Color
Pure artichoke is dark brown in color, dense, when mixed with water, the recommended ratio will be light brown, like before tea, use water filter daily.
– When drinking
Pure artichoke will be slightly sour, sweet and slightly bitter. But diluting with water is very easy to drink, delicious, easy to drink, not harsh in the throat.
– Identify through product packaging
The brand name is clearly printed on the packaging and the food safety certification numbers are printed on the box specifically.


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